Today's topic is a musical side note in the book of Numbers. The children of Israel were traveling and an occurrence was the inspiration for a song. Sometimes it's the little things in life that are the most important, and the most meaningful. Little things such as water...

Here's a break from my usual content for something fun...a video I put together right after St. Patrick's Day of this year. I originally used just three of the audio tracks (and sang the fourth part) in a local community event at which my wife and I entertained. Enjoy this Irish Blessing!
If you like this video, please share it with friends! It's just a start, but I plan to make some more soon.
The trumpet is the most frequently referenced instrument in the Bible, by far. But what was the trumpet used for in Bible times? The answer can be found in this post, as we explore the use of trumpet music for people of the Old Testament. Trumpets are mentioned in over ninety verses in the Old Testament alone, so there are definitely some patterns that we can see from all these passages.

In the Bible verses we examine today in the book of Exodus, the Israelites were singing again. However, this singing differed greatly from the singing they were doing after the Red Sea crossing. This music didn't have the sound of praise, but the chaotic sound of war.

In these Bible verses, we see the first use of trumpets. Interestingly, the trumpets are sounded, it appears, by the Lord himself. There are several Bible references that show that God is musical. We may not often think of God as a musical being, but He is, and He is the original Author of music. Let's take a look at these verses and see what lessons we can learn.

The first song recorded in the Bible is found in Exodus 15. Moses and the children of Israel had just passed through the Red Sea and then watched as the Lord destroyed the entire Egyptian army. After this epic win, the Israelites had much to be thankful for, and sang this song -- a song of victory. A lot of time could be spent in talking through this whole chapter, but I'd like to look at the first two verses.

I'd like to begin a new series here on Harmony Passion, taking a look at music references through the Bible. The way church musicians view their ministry should be informed by a Biblical framework. These thoughts will be helpful to put church music in perspective, and may be beneficial for personal or group devotionals for church musicians.

Think that you'll never match up to the truly great performers and musicians? Think again. Increasingly, scientific research is pointing to the fact that we are capable of far more than we give ourselves credit for.
I read an article this morning that really grabbed my attention. It is a business related article, but the subject matter is actually more closely related to something like music. If you have the goal of becoming an awesome musician, here are some things you will need to understand and implement. The article is called The Six Keys To Being Awesome At Everything. As you read, think not just about how it relates to music practice, but how it relates to your music practice. Enjoy!
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Is musical talent something that we are born with? Or is musical talent based solely on environment and training?

It has been interesting to hear so many different perspectives on the same subject as I have begun teaching music, and in particular, vocal music. Parents of children who are taking music lessons or adult music students seem to be the most firmly set in their view of this topic. Can we find a balanced perspective?

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So here it first attempt at posting an arrangement online. This is actually not the complete version, but it is posted before the month is out. The pdf version is available on this post for you to view, download, and critique. My music will begin to get out this year, beginning with this first (if feeble) attempt.